How did Fresh Air Life come to be? Read here...

As you have discovered, once you get to know a person, you discover something unique and interesting about them--something you would not have known just from passing them on the street, seeing them occasionally at the grocery store, or even if you just have a casual working relationship with them. They could be attractive, or not. They could be young, old, or in-between. They might have an 'important job', or perhaps this person does not work outside the home, or is retired. Even though we may 'know' these people, we aren't always aware of their interests, abilities, talents, or passions. This sort of information can often lie undiscovered for years, or perhaps, not discovered at all. For years, all sorts of people from all walks of life  have passed away and never had their talents or interests discovered nor appreciated. They've never been praised for an ability, an effort, nor a life well-lived. They are over-looked, underestimated, and ignored. They have not been deemed 'important' in life. But God has given each one of us, gifts, talents, and abilities. He wants us to use these gifts to honor Him, to bring glory to Him, to turn others towards Him.

This blog in a large part came to be through my own thoughts about my own abilities and talents. For years, I have thought, I'm good at so many things, but who knows? Who cares?  Who appreciates?  The idea hit me one day, that there are thousands--well, yes, millions of people who feel the same way. You have passed them on the street, and sized them up and decided that they aren't anything so special, but did you take the time to get to know them? Did you find out all the cool things they can do? Or even one cool thing?  I realized that my own town was full of unrecognized people. I did know some of them, and some I got to know through others. When I looked at someone, I asked myself, "What is it about this person that should be recognized and appreciated? What 'good' or talented thing is this person doing, that others would find interesting, and in turn, appreciate and praise?" 

When setting up this blog for the purpose of 'shining a light' on special people, I knew I needed a blog name. I was sitting on my back deck one beautiful, sunny, summer day, running several blog names by my husband. None of them really struck me. While looking around at the lush greenery, I took a deep breath, and commented  to my husband, "Wow, the air smells so fresh!" So clean, so... fresh...  That's it! 'Fresh Air Life'!  People who live here are experiencing  the Fresh Air Life... this area of the state, this small town life, this agricultural life, relatively crime free and possessing hard working values, is a good life, a life to be celebrated--and the admirable people here are to be celebrated also. Let's shine a light on them... let's lift them up... let's appreciate them--before they die!

The interviews began. I contacted people, explained what I was doing and why, and set up appointments. I would arrive at their home or another location, armed with a tape recorder, my digital camera, a notebook, and open ears--listening ears. Traveling to someones home also gave me more insight as to who they are--it always added an element of interest to the interview. I have shown interest in these interviewees, because I have been interested in them. They are interesting. People love to be appreciated, and it is a good and fitting thing to do. Praise, recognition, encouragement and kind words go a long way. Oh, there are so many talented people 'out there'!

After the interview, I came home, typed up the interview, checked my notes, and then, wrote up the interview. After several revisions and sometimes a phone call to check facts, I was ready to post the interview. I uploaded photos to my computer, cropping some, deleting others. They were now ready to accompany the blog post. The finished interviews and stories you read here, are the result of many hours of work. No pay for this! But strangely enough, and this is something I never considered when I first came up with the idea of a blog, by shining a light on others, a light shined on me! I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy that! But ultimately, all credit must go to God who not only gave me and everyone else life and abilities, but who, I am convinced, gave me the idea for Fresh Air Life. 

I've enjoyed doing Fresh Air Life. I've learned so much and opportunities have come my way that I would never have imagined.  Most of the interviews are from a year or so ago. I'm down different avenues now, but I still believe in and hopefully, will still continue to write about and shine a light on deserving people. Above all, this blog must be God honoring. If something does not honor God, he will not bless it. Personally, I like the idea of being blessed by God!

Oh, and leave comments. Tell me what you think. I appreciate it.