Friday, July 10, 2009

In the Carpenter's Hands

Steve Randolph could be viewed as the 'whole package'... The combination of his varied skills, talents and gifts has brought him to where he is and what he is today. Throw in a great personality, and his ability to work with others in a caring way, and I'd say you have a citizen that any town would be proud to claim.

Holt County (Atkinson/Chambers/O'Neill) has been home to Steve for 40 years. After graduating from Chambers High School, he found work as a ranch hand training horses, then deciding to continue his education at horseshoeing school in Oklahoma City, OK. After completing his training, he returned to the area to work his trade. He and his wife Anne Michele, along with their two sons, Matt, age18 and Clay, age 16, now make their home here in O'Neill.

Randolph is from a farming/ranching background, having had experience training and breaking horses, and working with cattle. He says he knows "nothing about living in a city", and that is just one of the many reasons he feels more comfortable in a rural area.

Steve has been on staff as Associate Pastor with Faith Community Church for three and one-half years. As an added perk to that position, you'll find that he's a well-rounded man with interests in hunting, art, drawing, building construction, writing and singing music, playing his guitar and his 5-plus years of experience in furniture building. Steve says, "God has allowed me to combine all these interests and skills for the body of Christ."

Steve sees a correlation between his furniture materials and construction, and the way that God can take a person and shape them into something that reflects His beauty. Steve says, "God takes us the way we are; with all our flaws, imperfections, and perhaps a sense of worthlessness. The world may not see our potential, but God sees so much more..." "He sees what we can become, not what we are now." "We might be like some of the horses I have worked with; dirty, unkempt, a bad attitude, but God can take those unappealing aspects and change us into a beautiful creation."

Cottonwood, cedar, pine and oak are the woods Steve uses for his creations, preferring to mix several different woods in one piece---in fact, he feels that adds to the character. Old corral boards were used for this storage cabinet, and hand crafted cedar serves as door handles.
As a 'nod to Steve's love of his family and background, he applies his Grandfather's brand to the back or underside of each piece.

In reference to needing a particular piece of furniture, Steve states, "If I can't make it, I don't buy it." He's also a businessman when it comes to marketing; he offers his work through Click on the 'Rustic Creations' button.

When asked "Why O'Neill?", Steve replied, 'It's just home." "I enjoy the wide open spaces, the rural community where people are associated with's a friendly place with friendly people." He adds, "We're kind of like a big family. If we're out of town and see a '36' county license plate, we think, 'family'!"



  1. Very well written and interesting!

  2. Hi Joy!

    I've been reading your articles since Nancy Winings mentioned it to me on Monday...great stuff! I got to know some people I already admired much better!
    Teresa Janzing

  3. Hey Teresa, thanks for taking the time to check this out!

  4. I love your blog, keep up the great work.

  5. Hey, I love encouragement, even if it is anonymous!!! You made my day!

  6. Oh Joy! This was a fun read, and the analogy he drew from wood working is a lot like the analogy in the story "Hindsfeet on High Places" that I think you ran across in your library! I hope hope hope you'll go back and get it...I know you'll love it...

    (and thanks, as always, for the beautiful acompanyment! Such pretty instrumentals here!) : )

  7. p.s. LOVED the quote here on your sidebar by Eleanora Duse! LOVELY!!! : )

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  9. Thank you for your comments. Actually, there are recent comments, perhaps not for this particular post, though.


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