Friday, December 25, 2009

Fresh Air Life land is in the midst of a blizzard... so I thought I'd post an appropriate poem written by Geraldine Kilgore, a poetess who spent her childhood northeast of O'Neill...
The Snowstorm
Today we had a snowstorm,
It sneaked in with the rain.
Damp and clinging, heavy snow,
It stuck to everything.
The walnut tree is cotton trimmed,
It's stark branches soft and white.
And dogwood, blessed little tree
Is draped in ermine for the night.
The garden just this morning
That was weed rough and so bleak,
Is smooth as icing on a cake,
Glistening now and sleek.
The pines beside the window
Are a picture of delight.
Like great arms holding mounds of snow,
Bowed down in prayer tonight.
And even the small and spindly rose
Huddled by the drive this morn,
Is bundled up in snow tonight
And looks quite snug and warm.
This poor old saddened world of ours,
Beset with care and woe,
Seems more peaceful and so quiet
When God sends the soft, white snow.
Geraldine Kilgore copyright 2009


  1. Pretty, Joy; I especially liked the last four lines of this poem...You could almost take those few lines and compress them into a beautiful haiku somehow....really a lovely thought...

    Merry Christmas, Joy...Hope you stay warm and snug in all that snow!

    : )

  2. Gotta love those snowie, icie white Christmas here in the midwest


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