Thursday, August 13, 2009

Part of the Community

A community consists of various age groups, and all have something worthwhile to contribute. Our young people are the future, and it was so encouraging to visit with Nick and Jackie Humrich, the son and daughter of John and Beth Humrich of O'Neill.

Nick, age 16, remarked that home schooling (since 3rd grade) has given him the flexibility and opportunity to develop and nurture his many passions and interests. His hobbies include: juggling, rock collecting, chess, constructing huge LEGO structures, and stargazing. Through years of hard work and dedication, he was awarded the status of Eagle Scout, the highest level achievable in Scouting.

Humrich has been taking piano and acoustic guitar lessons for six years, (he is currently giving piano lessons to his first student) and occasionally joins in with the youth group band at Faith Community Church.

Nick is no 'slacker'... he's helped out with Vacation Bible School for several summers, cuts lawns, and works evenings at a local discount store. This fall, he will be taking a class at the public high school in addition to his home studies. Future plans include earning an Atmospheric Science Degree in Meteorology, hopefully at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

A few years ago, when Nick's achievement of Eagle Scout was acknowledged at Faith Community Church, the Assistant Pastor commented, "This young man will go far."

Jackie, age 12, and now an 8th grader, is also home schooled and enjoys it because she can work at her own pace. She is a quiet and interesting young lady who enjoys archery, gardening with her father, camping and fishing with her father and Nick, and playing the piano.

Her unique talent is the unicycle, an interest first sparked by other home schooling friends. She mastered the cycle in about 2-3 weeks, and remarked that the more she fell and got back on, the more her confidence increased. She, along with other unicyclists, ride in the local St.Patrick's Day parade every March.

Jackie is also a great dog lover and desires to be a veterinarian, possibly attending UNL for her degree.


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  1. AMEN...What a blessing to read about the wonderful achievments of these homeschooled kids!

    God bless the Parents!

    Good going Nick and Jackie!!

    Honor your parents labours in your life!

    God bless..


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