Sunday, August 9, 2009

On Assignment

Just a little clarification here.... I want to encourage everyone to check back frequently as my plan is to post two interviews a week---hopefully during the first part of the week and the latter. It takes a bit of time for the interview, taking the photos, writing the story, and transferring, cropping and choosing photos. I have a list of possible contacts and stories, and my contacts, in turn, give me names, so I'm thinking the sky's the limit on what I can cover here... I have some interesting people and subjects to cover in the future, so stop back by for some Fresh Air Life!


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  1. I can attest first hand that Melodie's homemade products are made with love and are healthy and healing to our body. I am so proud of my 'sister' and her love for her family and the earth.

    Auntie Marsha


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