Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nebraska, USA

Nebraska, USA

There's a land of quiet meadows
And of cornfields and of grain.
Where the wind sighs through tall grasses
And sweeps across the plains.
There are rolling hills, wide valleys,
There's old barns and country lanes.
There are cities, little hamlets,
Also rivers, creeks, and streams.
Where you'll find a friendly people
Who will great you with a smile.
They'll stop and make you welcome
And chat with you awhile.
Here the meadowlark serenades you
Thru out the summer day.
You'll find it west of the Missouri,
It's Nebraska, USA

Copyright 2009 Geraldine Kilgore



  1. Another wonderful poem...speaks so clearly of lovely Nebraska!

    Thank for sharing her talented poetry.


  2. FANTASTIC Photo!!! Did you take this pic? Love these little tidbits and sent someone your way tonight that's particularly interested in "life on the farm"! (He should appreciate your "Wake up and smell the manure" post on your other site ; ) )

    Thanks for all your wonderful posts...Delightful.....

  3. oooohhhhhh---this is my kind of blog! i love anything old American-- (and old Canadian too!) i am obsessed with L.I.Wilder --especially researching her life after the books--hope you don't mind if i join up for the ride! it certainly is like a breath of fresh air!! janice

  4. Welcome aboard, 'splorin'Wolfies! Glad you are enjoying the 'Fresh Air'!

  5. Yes, Hindsfeet, I took both shots. The day I took the top shot, I was struck by the blue sky and the color of the building, and of course by the texture of the weathered wood. I really like the shot also.

  6. What a wonderful photo of the Dorsey Presbyterian Church. I was baptized here at age 11 by Rev. Ralph Chamberlain. How I loved the Vacation Bible Schools he and his wife did each summer, many times with their only child, Dwight (my age)along. Their home was in Grand Island; they spent the summers ministering in the Sand Hills.

  7. Very impressive.....Really REALLY love your photography...there's one of flowers through a fence you took and so many others, but this one is striking...I love the angle, the color, the whole nine yards...really cool, Joy...I left a response to your comment on my blog but then wasn't sure if you'd go back and read it so if you already did, you can delete this one, but I was just saying that it would be cool to be able to use one of your shots as an illustration for one of my posts someday like I did with Gina's and Dan's (pointing viewers to your website, of course)... really have an eye, Joy...this is good stuff...

  8. My Grandpa built that old granary in the early 1900's. My aunt Thelma, 99 and passed now, said grandpa quit smoking the day he almost burned it down with a careless cigarette. He had laid it down on a grain sack and it burned a hole in it and the grain ran out and extinguished the fire it had started. Wow!

    My Dad used to throw grain into those high doors with a steel shovel, from a wagon, when he was a teenager. Now we have aluminum shovels and don't even use them, we use augers.

    Thats me on the 'M' Farmall coming down the lane.

    Thank you 'Mrs. America'!

  9. MerleandKay,
    I have a book about Rev Chamberlain's ministry in the Sand Hills. It's called "Davey in the Sand Hills" and is signed by the Reverend. Neat story by Anne Halladay.


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