Sunday, October 18, 2009

Returning For a Visit

It's a beautiful fall day--this may be our only fall day... so I decided to take a leisurely ride along the Cowboy Trail. Just like the last time we visited the trail, when you were able to kick back in your chair, that's how we'll handle it this time also. I'll ride the bike, and you just keep an eye out for some of nature's beauty.
I was hoping I would see these horses... They galloped around the pasture, kicking up their back feet, nipping at each other's necks, and even at one point, rolling around on the ground, their hooves up in the air.

While avoiding the many Garter snakes on the trail, I noticed the abundance of deer tracks. And I'm wondering if this little fellow's fur coat is any indication of the severity of our coming winter weather.

This electric pole, out of commission long ago, still has the old insulators on top--after all, this trail used to be the old railroad line...a few railroad ties and iron scraps can be seen along the path.

These horses in the opposite field, were lazily grazing and had come to the windmill to get a drink. I'd have liked to have been closer, but those 'No Trespassing' signs mean what they say, so I had to be content with poking my camera through a metal gate.

A hawk circled overhead riding the air currents, and a warm breeze blew from the south, bringing the scent of sweet clover and cottonwood trees and reminding me of my days growing up and the passing of time.
Thanks for coming along for the ride...


  1. Enjoyed the tour.

    I love to take rides out to the country. It is so relaxing.

    Oh to go back to the days of ridin back roads.


  2. Thanks for the "ride", Joy! This is the most exercise I've gotten all day! ; )

    That first horse in the picture looks like something out of The Wizard of Oz, as though his front got mismatched with someone else's back! : )

    So lovely, all of these pics, thanks for taking us along : )

  3. It was the most exercise I've had in a long time also!


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